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2024 Summer Specials 

Special Pricing Deals for the Summer


Plants on Vacation

$20 a visit (within 10 miles of Avondale)

Don't skip your vacation -  take all the time you need! We'll take care of your indoor or outdoor plants while you're gone. Based on your needs we can come by 1-3x a week to water, trim, and care for your plant babies.

Realtor Special

Consultation $50

Are you a realtor or a homeowner looking for someone to update your outdoor space for more curb appeal? We offer in-yard consultations to bring easy, low-maintenance curb appeal. Everything we touch turns to "SOLD!"

Suburban Homes
Plant Store


$400 Delivered to your door

Almost everyone has a raised bed garden, but where to start? How about a 4 ft x 2 ft metal ground bed with your choice of seasonal flowers, fresh veggies, native, or pollinator friendly? Includes Dirt and fertilizer. We deliver, and you get your hands dirty.

Want us to put it together for you? Not a problem! *Contact for Pricing

*Different types of raised beds and materials availabile.

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