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Services are customizable.

Everyone is different.

Everyone's garden is different. 

We want something that works for you.



Let's take a tour of your yard.  What plants currently live there? How much sun or shade is there? What are your goals and interests for gardening? How involved do you want to be in your yard? Do you want something that looks good year round with little maintenance? Do you want to learn more about gardening and how to maintain your yard? Let's set out your goals and go from there. Included will be a written summery of what we discussed, recommendations, plant names, locations to purchase plants, and the best prices.


If you are new to Florida and aren't familiar with our weather and seasons, your first few seasons may not go as well as planned. Florida has different planting seasons and plants that do better than others in our climate based on season.  I've made the mistakes so you don't have to!  Includes in yard consultation, creating a plan based on your preferences and lifestyle, nursery/shopping trip, and installation with you including tips and instructions for upkeep.  Weekly meetings for as long as you like or  seasonal meetings available.


Refresh your front landscape seasonally with annuals. Potted plants on your porch to flowers in the beds. You choose what plants and colors you would like and I'll make your front porch beautiful.  (I used to do pastel colors in spring, red, white, and blue for summer, jewel tones for fall on my front porch.) (Menu of costs provided at consultation.) 
This service may take several hours over several days to complete.
Because everyone's style and likes are different additional costs may be included for specialty items, plants, etc.


Garden Installation: $3000 per 10'x2' garden area
An in person tour of your yard to discuss your ideas and options. Developing a map and plan for your garden size, location, and style. Then I'll shop for you and bring you everything you need to install your garden.  I'll include simple care instructions for the plants you choose.  Due to everyone's interests and choices being different specialty products may be additional. Menu provided at consultation. This project will take several hours over several days


After our last vacation my friend confessed she was more worried about killing my plants than my cat. If this is how your house sitter feels, I may be able to help.  I've gone on vacation knowing everything I planted will be dead when I return and I feel your pain, especially in this Florida weather.


If you are like my mother, you are too busy to water, deadhead, and pull weeds. It's ok! Life happens.  I'd love to do it for you.  I'll keep your Coleus and Canna Garden looking fabulous throughout the season.

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