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Too Many Weeds

This morning I looked outside and saw the overwhelming, ever growing task of things to do, in my yard. It's similar to when I put together my to do list for the week. It gives me anxiety. The more you look at it and not do anything, the bigger it gets. That's also how I would describe the weeds.

It was overwhelming looking at my tiny slice of peace and quiet, seeing it overrun with weeds but I committed (and it was only about 70 degrees outside at the time.)

I decided to start on one side and make my way down the fence line. One of the first things I noticed was a plant seemed to be creeping sideways instead of up, after untangling the weeds I realized the plant roots had been pulled up at some point (probably during a storm when the ground was soft) and was now growing sideways.

Taking away the pieces blocking my vision allowed me to see what was really going on and create a solution to solve the problem. I righted the roots and propped it up so that it could continue growing. I also trimmed the longer bits that were causing it to fall over. Taking the weight off will make it easier to grow. I also found some other plants I forgot were under that mess.

I hope you can see where I'm going with this analogy.

One of the last things I did (weeding wise) was untangle a vine that was growing up and taking over one of the hibiscus plants. I cut away what I could at first and then followed the vines carefully untangling it from the stalk of the plant. The plant was being smothered by this invasive weed. It had stopped blooming and was just trying to escape the vine's grasp.

It made me think of all the things that come up and try and hold me back. Wrap themselves around me, distract me, push me in another direction…as I cut out the vine I thought, how do I do this in my real life?

What do you do to cut metaphorical invasive vines from your metaphorical flowers?

I feel like I should end this with a recipe because I feel like it's required after a long blog that may or may not have something about weeding.

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