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A Blog That is Actually About Weeds

You can tell I really haven't been in my yard in a while if I'm milking an two hours this weekend into three blog posts. This one has more to do with gardening than life, I promise.

So what is a weed? Honestly, anything that you don't like. I had a boss that loved ferns. I have pulled everything resembling a fern from my yard. I've been pulling these tiny blue flowers from my yard for a few years now only to be given one as a pollinator plant from someone else.

A weed could be an invasive plant that you're encouraged by local wildlife professionals to remove because of its effect on the ecosystem but also be for sale at Home Depot. Clear as mud right? Right. I know…

So I pulled all the weeds vs using weed killer. Why? They were tangled with the roots and stalks of the plants I like and I didn't want to kill them. While I was elbow deep in a plant it gave me a chance to trim the plants I do like to encourage them to grow the direction I would like them to go. BUT I kept the trimmed pieces, I want to see if they will root and grow by themselves.

My goal is to be able to propagate different plants from my garden and other's gardens to be able to use in my client's gardens. This will allow me to help save my clients money by using plants that I know grow well and have nurtured into great plants ready to move to your yard.

Now is that a better garden blog? I hope so. I'll include videos and photos on Facebook and Instagram regarding propagating and weeding.

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