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I'm an avid gardener who has lived on both coasts and abroad.  I learned to garden in the Northwest and Florida and had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world in Japan. I've learned from friends, social media, and the community about what grows best where.  

Now that I am back in Florida, I enjoy working on my friend and family's yards and helping them figure what they would like to see in their yard and what fits their lifestyle. I want to teach you about gardening in Northeast Florida and share my experiences with you and help you create the backyard oasis you'll love year round.

Through Coleus and Canna, we also offer a full service garden installation and maintenance program as well as classes and one time consultations.   

Let me help you make all your garden dreams come true!



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Coleus & Canna Garden Consulting 

is a part of Alex Gornik LLC

Alex Gornik, Owner & Consultant
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