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You deserve an outdoor oasis that brings you joy and makes you want to sit outside with a cold drink. Whether it's playing with your kids, your pets, or just reading a book, everyone should have a space to escape to. 

But, not everyone has time to cultivate that space or take care of it. 

That's OK, that's what we're here for. Enjoy your free time with your family in your outdoor space and let us take care of the maintenance. 

We don't do the usual "mow and blow" work, we help you find color and beauty in every season with flowers, bushes, and trees that are best for your yard, your family, and your lifestyle. So, how can we bring some color to your outside space?

PS: We can also help with indoor plants!



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Coleus & Canna Garden Consulting 

is a part of Alex Gornik LLC

Alex Gornik, Owner & Consultant
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